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Feb 1, 2022

Dr Alisha Thomson takes trainee welfare personally. Her journey from psychiatry trainee, to patient, to a career in medical administration, is the backdrop to her scholarly project looking at after-hours workflow and its impact on registrar well-being. Listen to Alisha speak passionately about her drive to build healthy and effective workplaces in Australian hospitals. She also highlights the novice investigator’s tendency for non-specific data collection and emphasises the benefits of experienced mentors. Alisha is interviewed by Associate Trainee Editor Michael Weightman, Deputy Editor Andrew Amos and Trainee Editor Oliver Robertson.


  1. Thomson A, McDermott B. Psychiatry after-hours: factors impacting workload and workflow. Australasian Psychiatry. 2021;29(3):349-351. doi:10.1177/1039856220984034



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