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Jan 20, 2015

While every doctor is aware of the claims made for evidence based practice, the demands of clinical practice and the inertia of established routines often combine to resist change in psychiatric care.


Professor John McGrath of the Queensland Brain Institute, University of Queensland, recipient of one of two John Cade Fellowships last year, in conversation with Dr Andrew Amos, describes his vision for expanding the impact of psychiatric research in Queensland and Australia. Professor McGrath outlines collaborations with the Queensland Mental Health Research Alliance, the Early Psychosis Clinical Network, and others in Australia and around the world to identify modifiable risk factors for psychosis including perinatal vitamin D, trauma, cannabis, and paternal age.


Professor McGrath discusses the framework he and collaborators are creating for clinical trials in psychiatry and related research within Queensland, which will expose psychiatric doctors to real-world research from early in training and provide pathways to research involvement ranging from understanding the literature, through collection of data, to the beginnings of independent research