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Oct 9, 2023

Edward Miller

Trainee Editor, Australasian Psychiatry.

 The RANZCP has recently stopped conducting Observed Structured Clinical Examinations (OSCE) in the hope of diversifying the examination and assessment pathway. In this two-part episode, recorded at the RANZCP 2023 annual congress in Perth, Dr Nick O’Connor, RANZCP Board Director and head of the RANZCP Education Committee, discusses these changes with Australasian Psychiatry’s Trainee Editor, Dr Ed Miller. The discussion ranges from the history of the RANZCP OSCE, why the recent changes were enacted, and future directions for the centrally administered examinations. Dr Nick O’Connor has been a RANZCP Board Director since 2017 and is Chair of the College’s Education Committee. Dr O’Connor is also the Clinical Lead of the Mental Health Patient Safety Program at the NSW Clinical Excellence Commission.