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Transcultural Psychiatry Podcast Number 11: Dr James Allen of University of Minnesota Medical School discusses his research on mapping resilience pathways of Indigenous youth in five circumpolar communities. Posted December 2014. Read the associated full research article here.


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Former President, Prudence Gourguechon, interviews author Thomas E. Allen about his article “Life of Pi and the Moral Wound” published in the December 2014 issue of Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association.



The “moral wound,” rendered symbolically in the form of the tiger in Life of Pi, is a complex trauma in which the victim, in order to survive in life-threatening circumstances, commits an ethical transgression against his or her deeply held values. Pi experiences such a trauma and deals with it by dissociating it in the form of the tiger and then has to simultaneously both preserve the tiger and wish it to disappear. Jonathan Shay’s work relating the experiences of returning Vietnam veterans to Homer’s Odyssey is used to further an understanding of both Life of Pi and American soldiers returning from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Reasons are considered for the possible delayed effect of trauma as a factor in the increased suicide rate of older veterans. Finally, the concept of the “moral wound” is discussed, with an eye to its treatment.


Download article here:

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Relationship Matters Podcast Number 41 “Moral boundaries in Relationships”: Dylan Selterman from University of Maryland, USA talks about different perceptions of morality and how they affect the rules of romantic relationships. Posted December 2014. Read the associated article here.

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Relationship Matters Podcast Number 40 “When ‘we’ changes ‘me’”: Kevin McIntyre from Trinity University, USA talks about how couples influence each other’s personalities, for better or worse. Posted December 2014. Read the associated article here.

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Relationship Matters Podcast Number 39 “Sweet Love”: Dongning Ren from Purdue University, USA talks about how tasting sweet foods can affect our romantic interests. Posted November 2014

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Relationship Matters Podcast Number 38 “Enhancing your partner in times of stress”: Gwendolyn Seidman from Albright College, USA talks about different emotional responses shown by couples going through stress and conflict

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Relationship Matters Podcast Number 37 “Oxytocin, the love hormone”: Julianne Holt-Lunstad from Brigham Young University talks about how the hormone oxytocin relates to relationship quality. Posted October 2014. Read the associated article here.

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Autism Matters Podcast Number 14: In this podcast, Liz Pellicano from the Institute of Education, London discusses her ground-breaking co-authored paper on what Autism research should really focus on. Posted August 2014.

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Dr Lawrence H. Yang of Columbia University discusses his co-authored work on anti-stigma intervention for Chinese immigrant caregivers of individuals with psychosis. Posted May 2014.

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Dr Melissa L. Walls discusses her co-authored work on Aboriginal youth suicide among indigenous communities. Posted February 2014.

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Editor-in-Chief, Dr Laurence Kirmayer, at McGill University and Dr Roberto Lewis-Fernandez at Columbia University reflect on the 50th anniversary of the journal and the future of transcultural psychiatry. Posted December 2013.

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In our inaugural podcast, Kenneth Fung, Hung-Tat (Ted) Lo, Rani Srivastava and Lisa Andermann discuss their article on organizational cultural competence within mental health institutions as part of the special issue on rethinking cultural competence, volume 49 issue 2. Posted June 2012.

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Podcast 1: Jens Brockmeier discusses a fundamental change in our understanding of memory and puts it into a cultural context. Posted Jan 2011.

Read the associated article here.

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Dr Nandoli von Marees and Dr Robin Kowalski discuss current research on cyberbullying in schools and Dr Kowlaski presents her new research on traditional bullying as a potential warning sign of cyberbullying (Volume 33 Number 5).

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In this podcast, School Psychology International Associate Editor Chantal Faucher discusses the introductory essay on international research in cyberbullying, as well as the collection of 16 articles gathered together to support this essay (read the essay here).

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In this podcast, School Psychology International Associate Editor Amity L. Noltemeyer introduces the online collection 'Resilience Across Contexts'. School Psychology International has been at the forefront of publishing resilience-oriented research applicable to educational practitioners across national boundaries. A collection of 13 articles from the journal have been selected and assembled to enhance psychological service providers’ knowledge of underlying resilience processes and capacity for resilience-promoting intervention.

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Melissa Allen introduces the 14 School Psychology International articles included in the online collection, ‘Supporting Children’s Social-Emotional Needs Following Natural Disasters.' The Associate Editor of School Psychology International also offers an overview of critical points to consider in strengthening disaster mental health services for children. Particular emphasis is placed on the importance of preparing schools, teachers and parents to provide stability and emotional support for children.

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Transcultural Psychiatry Podcast Number 10: Dr Joanna Moncrieff of University College London discusses her research onthe broadening diagnoses of Bipolar Disorder and their treatment with antipsychotic drugs.

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Claudia C. Brumbaugh from Queens College, City University of New York talks about rebound relationships and how they affect our emotional wellbeing. Read the associated article here.

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Dr Joseph Gone of the University of Michigan discusses his research on historical trauma and how it can help contextualise mental health problems in American Indian communities. Posted July 2014. Read the associated article here.

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Eran Bar-Kalifa from Bar-Ilan University, Israel talks about emotional support in relationships and what happens if we disappoint or even surpass our partner’s expectations. Posted June 2014. Read the associated article here

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Sharon Sassler from Cornell University, USA talks about the range of locations where couples first meet and the effect this has on their relationships. 

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Keith Welker from Wayne State University, USA talks about intergroup couple friendships and how they affect compassionate love.

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Amy Moors at the University of Michigan, USA talks about consensual non-monogamy in romantic relationships. Posted May 2014. Read the associated article here.

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Blake Riek from Calvin College, USA, talks about guilt, shame and forgiveness in relationships. Posted December 2013. Read the associated article here here.

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Harry T. Reis at the University of Rochester talks about compassionate love and everyday compassionate acts. Posted December 2013. Read the associated full research article here.

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Jennifer Tomlinson from Stony Brook University joins us for the second time to talk about the consequences of putting our partners on a pedestal. Posted November 2013. Read the associated full research article here.

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Katlyn Elise Roggensack at the University of California, Santa Barbara, talks about honesty and deception in romantic relationships. Posted November 2013. Read the associated full research article here.

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Interviews with Jeff Simpson on milestones in attachment theory and research (Volume 27 Issue 2) and with Gurit Birnbaum (Volume 27 Issue 2) on the interplay between attachment and sex.

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Keith Sanford at Baylor University, USA talks about conflict resolution among couples.

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Judith Hebron talks about her research with Neil Humphrey on bullying and children with autism.

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In this podcast, Dr Paul Shattuck and Dr Anne Roux discuss issues surrounding employment support in autism and the barriers that people with autism face when looking for or attempting to retain a job. The interviewees also stress the importance of developing effective research partnerships that include people with autism and their families, to facilitate research in this area.

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Relationship Matters Podcast Number 30 “Self-expansion and Passionate Love”: Virgil Sheets at Indiana State University, USA talks about self-expansion and passionate love.

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John Constantino, Francesca Happé and Will Mandy discuss with Guest Editor, David Williams, whether autism is a coherent syndrome, or is fractionable in nature.

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Judith Gould and Robyn Steward discuss issues surrounding women with autism spectrum disorders, including current research, safety issues and gender differences.

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