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Jul 27, 2016

In the August 2016 issue of the Australasian Psychiatry podcast, Dr Andrew Amos speaks with Professor Gordon Parker about his article on the clinical management of patients who are ultra-rapid metabolisers of antidepressant medications. Professor Parker starts with the premise that much of the heterogeneity of response...

Jul 26, 2016

PWQ Editor Mary Brabeck speaks with author Marina Rosenthal about her article, "Still Second Class: Sexual Harassment of Graduate Students," co-authored by Alec Smidt and Jennifer Freyd.

Jul 11, 2016

Relationship Matters Podcast Number 59 “People they are a changin’: the links between anticipating change and romantic relationship quality”: Anika Cloutier from Queen’s University, Ontario, Canada discusses how people’s relationships change over time; and how anticipating a future where themselves and...