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Relationships between music and empathic decision making in healthy young adults

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Join Cecilia Heyes, author of the Current Directions in Psychological Science article "Psychological Mechanisms Forged by Cultural Evolution," for a discussion with the editor.

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Join Isabel Gauthier, author of the Current Directions in Psychological Science article "What We Could Learn About Holistic Face Processing Only From Nonface Objects," for a discussion with the editor.

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Join Greg Wadley, author of the Current Directions in Psychological Science article "Digital Emotion Regulation," for a discussion with the editor.

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Join Sam Gershman, author of the Current Directions in Psychological Science article "Social-Structure Learning," for a discussion with the editor.

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Join Maykel Verkuyten, author of the Current Directions in Psychological Science article "The Psychology of Intolerance: Unpacking Diverse Understandings of Intolerance," for a discussion with the editor.

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Building bridges for psychiatry workforce capacity with Pacific Island nations: The February 2020 Australasian Psychiatry podcast features an interview with Dr. Nick Kowalenko, discussing the span of work of child and adolescent psychiatrists in Australia and New Zealand in recent years aimed at collaborative efforts to build mental health capacity in the Pacific Island Nations.  Field mental health activites from this project have included mentoring programmes, leadership training, support for delivery of CAMH services and building trusted networks for the future

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Rebecca M. Horne (University of Toronto, Canada) discusses her research on emotional labor, gender, and the type of work that sustains relationships. Posted June 2019. Read the associated article here.

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Dr Angela Neal talks about how anger builds within a relationship as people project their own attraction towards other people onto their partners’ and how this projection alters their perceptions of their partner’s attraction to others; increasing the perceived threat to the relationship

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The RANZCP has recently adopted a more strategic approach to recognise and encourage leaders from within its fellowship, to ensure ongoing improvement in the management of mental health and general wellbeing in Australasia. In the October podcast, I speak with Associate Professor Greg De Moore of Westmead Hospital about his book “Finding Sanity: John Cade, lithium, and the taming of bipolar disorder”. Professor De Moore describes John Cade as the most influential psychiatrist in Australia’s history due to his role as the herald of the age of psychopharmacology. John Cade's demonstration that lithium could greatly improve the symptoms of patients with bipolar affective disorder was a necessary first step towards the end of the asylum system, as well as the development of more effective and humane alternatives for serious mental illness than older treatments such as psychosurgery, early electroconvulsive therapy, and psychoanalysis. Professor De Moore also discusses how the art of biography allows him to use the story of a fascinating life to reach beyond the academic psychiatric audience to engage the general population in a greater awareness of the history of psychiatry and the nature of mental illness.

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JCEDM Editor Amy Pritchett talks to Gary Klein about his article, "A Naturalistic Study of Insight" from the December 2011 issue.

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JCEDM Editor Amy Pritchett talks to Catherine Burns about her paper, co-authored with Maryam Ashoori, "Team Cognitive Work Analysis: Structure and Control Tasks". (File size: 2.73 MB)

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Alex Kirlik talks with Robert Earl Patterson, lead author of the article, "System Dynamics Modeling of Sensory-Driven Decision Priming," which was published in the March 2013 issue of JCEDM.

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Relationship Matters Podcast Number 57 “Narrative meaning making, attachment, and psychological growth and stress”: Matthew Graci from Emory University, USA discusses understanding how people turn episodes in time into subjectively meaningful narratives which can shed light on adaptive meaning-making processes

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Relationship Matters Podcast Number 56 “Physiology and pillow talk”: Amanda Denes from University of Connecticut, USA talks about the association between individual differences in testosterone and communication after sexual activity

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Podcast 1: Jens Brockmeier discusses a fundamental change in our understanding of memory and puts it into a cultural context. Posted Jan 2011.

Read the associated article here.

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Dr Nandoli von Marees and Dr Robin Kowalski discuss current research on cyberbullying in schools and Dr Kowlaski presents her new research on traditional bullying as a potential warning sign of cyberbullying (Volume 33 Number 5).

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In this podcast, School Psychology International Associate Editor Chantal Faucher discusses the introductory essay on international research in cyberbullying, as well as the collection of 16 articles gathered together to support this essay (read the essay here).

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In this podcast, School Psychology International Associate Editor Amity L. Noltemeyer introduces the online collection 'Resilience Across Contexts'. School Psychology International has been at the forefront of publishing resilience-oriented research applicable to educational practitioners across national boundaries. A collection of 13 articles from the journal have been selected and assembled to enhance psychological service providers’ knowledge of underlying resilience processes and capacity for resilience-promoting intervention.

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Melissa Allen introduces the 14 School Psychology International articles included in the online collection, ‘Supporting Children’s Social-Emotional Needs Following Natural Disasters.' The Associate Editor of School Psychology International also offers an overview of critical points to consider in strengthening disaster mental health services for children. Particular emphasis is placed on the importance of preparing schools, teachers and parents to provide stability and emotional support for children.

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Transcultural Psychiatry Podcast Number 10: Dr Joanna Moncrieff of University College London discusses her research onthe broadening diagnoses of Bipolar Disorder and their treatment with antipsychotic drugs.

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Claudia C. Brumbaugh from Queens College, City University of New York talks about rebound relationships and how they affect our emotional wellbeing. Read the associated article here.

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Dr Joseph Gone of the University of Michigan discusses his research on historical trauma and how it can help contextualise mental health problems in American Indian communities. Posted July 2014. Read the associated article here.

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Eran Bar-Kalifa from Bar-Ilan University, Israel talks about emotional support in relationships and what happens if we disappoint or even surpass our partner’s expectations. Posted June 2014. Read the associated article here

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Sharon Sassler from Cornell University, USA talks about the range of locations where couples first meet and the effect this has on their relationships. 

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Keith Welker from Wayne State University, USA talks about intergroup couple friendships and how they affect compassionate love.

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In this podcast, Dr Paul Shattuck and Dr Anne Roux discuss issues surrounding employment support in autism and the barriers that people with autism face when looking for or attempting to retain a job. The interviewees also stress the importance of developing effective research partnerships that include people with autism and their families, to facilitate research in this area.

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Steven T. Levy, Editor of JAPA, interviews Theodore Jacobs about the panel papers, "A Patient Returns," from Volume 61, Issue 5.

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JCEDM Editor Amy Pritchett talks with Special Issue Guest Editor Haydee M. Cuevas and influential Cognitive Readiness researcher Dexter Fletcher.

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Guest editors Ryan D. Duffy and Bryan J. Dik discuss the theme of this special issue of JCA: 'Work as a Calling: Research and Practice'.

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Authors Christopher Miller and Michael Dorneich talk to JCEDM Editor Amy Pritchett about their research into politeness in teams, and human automation interaction and etiquette.

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Aubyn Stahmer discusses her research on a community progrma involving social inclusion and early intervention for toddlers with autism spectrum disorders.

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Neil Humphrey dicusses the mainstream vs special education debate for schoolchildren with autism.

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