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In this episode of the Journal of Career Assessment podcast series, JCA Editor Ryan Duffy interviews Journal of Career Development Editor Lisa Flores about how she entered the field of vocational psychology. They also discuss Flores's new article in JCA, "Something Old and Something New: Future Directions in Vocational Research with People of Color in the United States," co-authored by Leticia Martinez, Gloria McGillen, and Johanna Milord.

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Rebecca M. Horne (University of Toronto, Canada) discusses her research on emotional labor, gender, and the type of work that sustains relationships. Posted June 2019. Read the associated article here.

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The conditions facing medical trainees in general, and
psychiatric trainees in particular, have changed dramatically
in the last several decades. Reforms to working
hours and conditions have been driven by concern that
fatigued and stressed doctors make more mistakes; while
traditionalists worry that less time working and less
intense work retard the accumulation of true expertise.

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In this episode of the Psychology of Women Quarterly podcast series, Editor Mary Brabeck discusses the methodology and findings of Dr. India Johnson's recently published PWQ article, "Exploring Identity-Safety Cues and Allyship Among Black Women Students in STEM Environments".

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Relationship Matters 93 “Avoidant and defensive: Adult attachment and quality of apologies”

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