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Relationship Matters Podcast Number 80 “Partners’ attachment insecurity predicts greater physiological threat in anticipation of attachment-relevant interactions”: Dr Brett Peter discusses his study which sought to discover whether anticipating interacting with a partner higher in attachment insecurity predicted greater physiological threat in an emotion regulation context

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Psychology of Women Quarterly editor Mary Brabeck interviews Dr. Rita Seabrook on the published article "Sexual Object or Sexual Subject? Media Use, Self-Sexualization, and Sexual Agency Among Undergraduate Women." This podcast examines the connection between media use and self-objectification among undergraduate women and Dr. Seabrook explains the findings within her article by illustrating the research methodology she and her co-authors, L. Monique Ward, Petal Grower, Soraya Giaccardi, and Julia R. Lippman, employed.

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The April 2018 podcast features Professor Helen Christensen, Director and Chief Scientist at the Black Dog Institute, a prominent Australian Non-Government Organisation dedicated to the identification, prevention, and treatment of mental illness. Professor Christensen leads the Digital Dog team, which is developing youth-friendly methods for early detection and treatment of mental illness. In the podcast the Black Dog’s innovative approach to health care delivery and ambitious research leveraging social networks, wearable technology, and big data to predict and prevent mental illness and suicide, are discussed.

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