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Dr Angela Neal talks about how anger builds within a relationship as people project their own attraction towards other people onto their partners’ and how this projection alters their perceptions of their partner’s attraction to others; increasing the perceived threat to the relationship

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Robyn Steward interviews Kabie Brook about the story behind and the reasons for the recent decision to update the Autism front cover imagery.

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Relationship Matters Podcast Number 76 “Feeling bad when your partner is away”: Dr Nathalie Meuwly discusses her recent study which explores the correlation between attachment insecurity  and peoples negative cognitions and dysfunctional affect regulation when faced with potential relationship threats

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Relationship Matters Podcast Number 75 “Responses to intimate partners to attempts to change”: Dr Kieran Sullivan talks about her recent paper on her research on the effectiveness of intimate partners’ attempts to influence health behaviour through social control

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Relationship Matters Podcast Number 74 “Relationship satisfaction and the subjective distance of past relational events”: Professor Anne Wilson discusses her recent study on how current relationship satisfaction impacts on subjective temporal distance of memories

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Psychology of Women Quarterly editor Mary Brabeck interviews Psychology professor Dr. Jennifer Katz on the published article "White Female Bystanders' Responses to a Black Woman at Risk for Incapacitated Sexual Assault." This podcast examines the question "who intervenes to help women in distress?", and Dr. Katz explains the findings within her article by illustrating the experiments she and her co-authors, Christine Merrilees, Jill C. Hoxmeier, and Marisa Motisi,  ran for data.


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Relationship Matters Podcast Number 73 “Touch reduces romantic jealousy in the anxiously attached”: Kaylyn Kim talks about her research on touch as a way to reduce romantic jealousy in anxiously attached partners. 

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Relationship Matters Podcast Number 72 “Cognitive processes underlying the self-other perspective in women’s judgements of sexual victimisation risk”: Dr Jenny Rinehart discusses her study on how women perceive risk of sexual victimisation for themselves and for others and the cognitive processes involved

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Laura Crane interviews Dr Noah Sasson from University of Dallas, Texas where he is an Associate Professor. They discuss Dr Sasson’s article which looks at peoples first impressions of adults on the autism spectrum and how they are affected by the disclosure of diagnosis.

Relationship Matters Podcast Number 71 “What does it mean to feel loved?”: Dr Saeideh Heshmati of Pennsylvania State University, explains the findings of her recent study on individual and shared opinions on what makes people feel loved using cultural consensus theory

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Relationship Matters Podcast Number 70: “Marriage as a training ground”: Dr Tila Pronk of Tilburg University, discusses her paper which looks at whether partners’ levels of self-control and forgiveness change in the first four years of marriage.

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Relationship Matters Podcast Number 69 “Swiping me off my feet: Explicating relationship initiation on Tinder”. Professor Leah E. LeFebvre of the University of Wyoming, talks about her paper which delves into how mobile dating apps like Tinder are changing how relationship initiating functions.

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Relationship Matters Podcast Number 68 “Widening the Gap: Support gaps in same race versus different race female friendship dyads”: Professor Sharde Davis of the University of Connecticut, discusses her research on the differences in support in female friendships observed among friends from a similar racial background and those from differing racial backgrounds

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A driving force in the emergence of the Recovery movement has been the increasing sense of agency of people with mental illness in their own return to mental health. Peer worker programmes leverage individual experiences of successful recovery from mental illness to provide patients with exemplars to help them find their own paths back to health. The October podcast features Dr Frances Dark, Clinical Director of the Rehabilitation Academic Clinical Unit, Metro South Health, Brisbane, who talks about developing long-stay psychiatric rehabilitation services primarily staffed by peer workers. Dr Dark believes that peer workers should not displace allied health professionals in treating mental illness, but can complement their clinical skills, with powerful roles in promoting engagement, autonomy, and communication. While acknowledging the specific circumstances of peer workers, Dr Dark reports that in practice perceived problems such as the possibility of peer workers becoming mentally unwell are most appropriately handled using the same principles and mechanisms as with other health workers, particularly self-care, work-place flexibility, and professional responsibility.

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The revolutionary impact of Freud’s empirically derived and intuitively developed psychoanalysis generally obscures his early attempts to ground his invention in a secure neuroscientific framework. In the June issue of the Australasian Psychiatry podcast I speak with Dr George Halasz, child psychiatrist, about how rapid advances in neuroscientific understanding over the last thirty years is starting to change psychoanalytic theory and practice. Using his background in trauma therapy as an example, Dr Halasz describes how an awareness of the dynamic systems within and between clinician and patient in therapy can improve outcomes and reduce conscious and unconscious distress for both parties.

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Juliet Wakefield talks to PWQ Editor Jan Yoder about her article, co-authored with Nick Hopkins and Ronni M. Greenwood, 'Thanks, But No Thanks: Women’s Avoidance of Help-Seeking in the Context of a Dependency-Related Stereotype.'

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Author Rose Barlow discusses her article, co-authored with Kathryn Becker-Blease, 'Caring for Our Students in Courses With Potentially Threatening Content'.

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Author Tawanda Greer discusses her article with Thema Bryan-Davis, President of the Society for the Psychology of Women, and PWQ Editor Jan Yoder.

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Laura Crane interviews guest editors Dr Li-Ching Lee and Dr Cathy Rice about the Special Issue on Global Autism Research. Date of posting: July 2017

In the August podcast, I talk with Professor Sandy McFarlane, current director of the University of Adelaide’s Centre for Traumatic Stress Studies, about his work with the United Nations after the Iraq invasion of Kuwait recording and responding to the trauma of modern warfare with its systematised brutalisation of an entire population. Professor McFarlane identifies current gaps in treatment and support of patients with traumatic illness, with a growing awareness of the importance of trauma responses in serious mental illness, the neurobiological underpinnings of resilience and sensitisation, and the need for greater attention to the recognition and treatment of trauma in mental health training.

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Robyn Steward interviews guest editors, Will Mandy and Meng-Chuan Lai about their special issue on women and girls on the autism spectrum.

Date of posting: July 2017

Relationship Matters Podcast 67: Circumnavigating the cost of support: Variations in cortisol as a function of self-efficacy and support visibility: Dr Erin Crockett talks about her study into the visibility of support and its impact on cortisol and stress levels in people with high and low self-efficacy

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Relationship Matters Podcast 66: Changes in older couples’ compassionate love over a year: The roles of gender, health, and attachment avoidance: Dr Allen Sabey discusses his research on the changes in compassionate love in older couples over time as well the impact of health. June 2017, Read the associated article here

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Relationship Matters Podcast 65 : “I Love You, Not Your Friends”: Links between partners’ early disapproval of friends and divorce across 16 years: Dr Katherine Fiori discusses her findings on spousal approval of social networks and how this impacts the likelihood of divorce in Black and White couples

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Dr. Mary Brabeck interviews Dr. Laura Van Berkel on her most recent article about how gender plays an influential role in the construction of American national identity.

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Dr Geva Shenkman discusses his fascinating research comparing the personal growth and basic needs satisfaction in relationships of heterosexual and lesbian mothers.

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Dr Gentiana Sadikaj from McGill University, Montreal discusses her recent article on how dominant behaviour can cause a negative effect on the partner by and then how that can affect the relationship quality.

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In the April 2017 Australasian Psychiatry podcast I talk with Professor McGorry about his ongoing efforts to improve the lives of people with mental illness through organisations he helped found, including headspace and Orygen Youth Health. Professory McGorry explains the importation of terms like clinical staging from oncology, and proposes that mental illnesses are among the most treatable of non-communicable diseases, with the highest payoff in reduced morbidity, mortality, and increased social capital.

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Co-editor Kristina Breaux, Senior Research Director at Pearson Clinical Assessment, discusses the special double issue of JPA. 

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The Editorial Committee of Australasian Psychiatry hopes to engage trainees by providing practice Modified Essay Questions (MEQ) and providing some guidance as to how best to answer these questions. These questions also serve as a good refresher for established clinicians. 

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PWQ Editor Mary Brabeck speaks with author Julia Bear about her article, "Negotiating Femininity: Gender-Relevant Primes Improve Women’s Economic Performance in Gender Role Incongruent Negotiations," co-authored by Linda Babcock.

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Transcultural Psychiatry Podcast Number 21: Andrew Ryder and Simon Groen talk about Simon’s article in February’s Issue, ‘Implementation of the Cultural Formulation through a newly developed Brief Cultural Interview: Pilot data from the Netherlands’ published in the February 2017. Posted February 2017. Read the full issue here

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Transcultural Psychiatry Podcast Number 20: Andrew Ryder and Sumeet Jain discuss Decembers Special Issue, ‘Ethnographic Perspectives on Global Mental Health’ published in the December 2016. Posted February 2017. Read the full issue here

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Professor Fitzgerald describes the different types of neurostimulation, and outlines his own research with a particular focus on transcranial magnetic stimulation

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