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Alongside the recent move towards dimensional diagnosis of psychiatric illness, there appears to be a tendency to dismiss Bipolar Affective Disorder – Type II as merely a less severe form of Type I. In the April 2015 podcast of Australasian Psychiatry, Scientia Professor Gordon Parker of the Black Dog Institute argues that bipolar I and II are categorically distinct entities which share hypomanic/manic symptoms but which can be differentiated by the presence of psychotic symptoms only in type I illness.

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Relationship Matters Podcast Number 45 “Relationship Savoring in long-distance relationships”: Jessica L. Borelli from Pomona College, USA talks about how ‘savoring’ your partner can strengthen a fragile relationship

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Relationship Matters Podcast Number 44 “The implications of superficial self-disclosures from friends”: Steve Rains from University of Arizona, USA talks about the ways in which receiving superficial updates from your friends via your mobile phone might affect your relationships with them

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