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In the April 2017 Australasian Psychiatry podcast I talk with Professor McGorry about his ongoing efforts to improve the lives of people with mental illness through organisations he helped found, including headspace and Orygen Youth Health. Professory McGorry explains the importation of terms like clinical staging from oncology, and proposes that mental illnesses are among the most treatable of non-communicable diseases, with the highest payoff in reduced morbidity, mortality, and increased social capital.

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Co-editor Kristina Breaux, Senior Research Director at Pearson Clinical Assessment, discusses the special double issue of JPA. 

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The Editorial Committee of Australasian Psychiatry hopes to engage trainees by providing practice Modified Essay Questions (MEQ) and providing some guidance as to how best to answer these questions. These questions also serve as a good refresher for established clinicians. 

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PWQ Editor Mary Brabeck speaks with author Julia Bear about her article, "Negotiating Femininity: Gender-Relevant Primes Improve Women’s Economic Performance in Gender Role Incongruent Negotiations," co-authored by Linda Babcock.

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