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Relationship Matters Podcast Number 58 “Self-disclosure to parents in emerging adulthood: Examining the roles of perceived parental responsiveness and separation-individuation ”: Dr Crystal Jiang from City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong discusses self-disclosure of emerging adults to their parents and it relates to their process of separation and becoming an individual

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Authors Tawanna T. Gilford and Amy Reynolds discuss their article, "'My Mother's Keeper': The Effects of Parentification on Black Female College Students," along with a participant from the study in their article. 

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Nadya A. Fouad, TCP Editor, interviews Joshua M. Bradley, James L. Werth, Jr. and Sarah L. Hastings about their research into social justice advocacy in rural communities.

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Nadya A. Fouad, TCP Editor, interviews Sue Jacobs, Mary Ann Hoffman, and Sharon Bowman about the counseling psychologist's role in natural disasters.

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JCEDM Editor Amy Pritchett talks to Gary Klein about his article, "A Naturalistic Study of Insight" from the December 2011 issue.

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JCEDM Editor Amy Pritchett talks to Catherine Burns about her paper, co-authored with Maryam Ashoori, "Team Cognitive Work Analysis: Structure and Control Tasks". (File size: 2.73 MB)

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Alex Kirlik talks with Robert Earl Patterson, lead author of the article, "System Dynamics Modeling of Sensory-Driven Decision Priming," which was published in the March 2013 issue of JCEDM.

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Relationship Matters Podcast Number 57 “Narrative meaning making, attachment, and psychological growth and stress”: Matthew Graci from Emory University, USA discusses understanding how people turn episodes in time into subjectively meaningful narratives which can shed light on adaptive meaning-making processes

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