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Robyn Steward interviews Liz Pellicano and Damian Milton about participatory research methods and how they can shape the approaches and outcomes of research for the better.

Robyn Steward discusses ‘The prevalence of autistic traits in a homeless population’ with one of the authors Alasdair Churchyard (UCL).

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Jessica Cotney (University of Sussex, UK) explains her research to understand the conceptualizations of kindness from six focus groups with 11-16 year olds. Posted Dec 2018. Read the associated article here.

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The movement to care for people with mental illness and intellectual disability in the general community rather than in large institutions shifted the priorities of care away from minimising risk towards increasing autonomy. It was equally unsurprising that most of those affected benefited from increased control over their lives, while some appeared to use their freedom unwisely. Notwithstanding difficulties with its implementation, the National Disability Insurance Scheme shows that there is still a broad appetite for ambitious efforts to increase the control of people with disability over their own lives and care.

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