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The February 2018 podcast interviews Dr Mark Daglish, Director of Addiction Psychiatry at Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital. Dr Daglish has been involved in research into the neurochemistry of craving, the role of craving in relapse, and brief interventions for young people presenting to emergency departments with alcohol related injuries. In the podcast the importance of integrated care of patients presenting with addiction across medical, social, legal, and other services, and the search for maintenance treatments for stimulant users is discussed. Dr Daglish also mentions exploratory efforts to use psychoactive substances such as psilocybin to alter the natural history of addiction, speculating on the possibility of manufacturing the sort of epiphanies that can lead to abstinence.

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Relationship Matters Podcast Number 78 “Depression, emotion regulation and the demand and withdraw pattern during intimate relationship conflict”: Dr Sarah Holley discusses her paper which investigates the relationship between depression and the demand/withdraw pattern common in conflict in romantic couples.

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