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Mar 30, 2022

Further exploring the fallout of the aborted November 2021 Audio-Visual Objective Structured Clinical Examination (AVOSCE), this episode of The Thought Broadcast considers the trainee perspective. The panel speaks to Dr Skye Kinder, a strong trainee advocate and former member of the Trainee Representative Committee (TRC). Dr Kinder discusses the impact of the AVOSCE cancellation on trainees (especially women), perceptions of the College’s response, and constructive criticisms of the path forward around assessment. Dr Kinder also provides context behind the unprecedented mass resignation of TRC members, and identifies opportunities for enhancing the voice of trainees within the College in future. Dr Kinder was interviewed on 17th December 2021 by Trainee Editor Oliver Robertson, and Associate Trainee Editors Bryan Bui and Michael Weightman. Thanks to Deputy Editor Andrew Amos for acting as producer on this episode.